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Taste real Icelandic Food

While having dinner, our guests are invited to a panoramic view of the glaciers and mountains in the realm of Vatnajökull National Park. Our specialties are fish dishes and traditional Icelandic food. Árnanes restaurant offers a diverse menu, with emphasis on healthy food and fresh ingredients. With that in mind we use selected local produce from our area which is called Vatnajökull Region. The lobster (languistine) and the fish of the day come from the town Höfn (6 km). The beef, the lamb and the potatoes are from our area. Even one of our beers is locally produced, it’s name is Vatnajökull. Most of the salad and fresh herbs we serve are organically grown in our own garden. Our ambition is to serve tasty food and quality wines at a reasonable price.

Restaurant opening hours

The restaurant is open from May through September where you can join us for a culinary experience with our kitchen’s unique offerings. While à la carte options are available on select days, our reception can confirm if it’s available when you visit. Should you crave a lighter meal, our bar serves a variety of sandwiches and snacks daily from 15:00 to 22:00. For the most current information and specifics on our dining options, please inquire at reception during your stay.

The Menu in Arnanes

Have a look and get inspired by traditional Icelandic Food.

Cured Icelandic shark

Kr. 1,700

Served with Brennivín (typical Icelandic snaps)

Wind dried fish

Kr. 1,700

A local product served with butter and Brennivín (typical Icelandic snaps)


Kr. 3.300

Served with fresh salad, baked vegetables and mashed potatoes

Fresh salad from our garden

Kr. 3.300

With feta, eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, paprika, etc.

Fish of the day

Kr. 4.500

Served with a mashed mix of potatoes and sweet potatoes, fried mushrooms and fresh salad from our garden.

Beef-burger (130 gr.)

Kr. 3.300

Served with salad, bacon, cheese and with the chef sauce and fried potatoes on the side.

Lamb shank

Kr. 5.400

Lamb shank served with smashed potatoes with parmesan, fried carrots and broccoli and some fresh salad from our garden on the side.

Icelandic Skyr

Kr. 1.600

Served with a mixture of berries jam and crumbles on the top.

Marital bliss - cake

Kr. 1.600

Oatmeal cake with rhubarb jam served warm with vanilla ice-cream.

Book Your Icelandic Dinner

Come to us and have dinner or chill with a panoramic view to the glaciers and mountains in the realm of Vatnajökull National Park.