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Aurora Borealis?

Glaciers and mountains in the realm of Vatnajökull National Park offer the guests of Hotel Arnanes a great opportunity to see the dance of the northern lights. This only happens in the winter between September and April.

Northern Lights, or aurora borealis can be seen at a certain period of time when there is a high sunspot activity. This period started 2009 and it will last till spring of 2014. Next period starts after the year 2022. Arnanes is an ideal spot to see the northern lights, since located in the country side with little or no light pollution.

Of course there is no guarantee of seeing these lights but the area where Arnanes Hotel is located, is known for having more days of clear skies (Icelandic Met Office) than most of other areas in Iceland.

Warm clothes are useful since the lights are seen late in the evening and into the night, mostly during winter.

Arnanes Country Hotel - Northern Lights

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