It is the aim of Icelandic Farm Holidays to stay at the forefront in environmentally friendly tourism outside Iceland´s capital city area. This policy and its implementation in the daily operations of our members will be a hallmark of our quality in the tourism of the future. The policy is also a means of increasing quality within Icelandic Farm Holidays and attracting attention to the human resource which prosper in harmony with beautiful nature throughout Iceland.


We members of Icelandic Farm Holidays at Árnanes intend to:

  • work steadily at keeping the nearest surroundings clean and attractive,
  • support the protection of sites of cultural and natural interest,
  • reduce pollution by reducing the waste of assets, e.g. by reusing and recycling, along with saving energy and utilising environmentally friendly materials,
  • ensure that wastewater has no polluting effects on the environment,
  • give preference to goods and services produced locally and with minimal environmental impact,
  • employ persons living in the local area, whenever possible,
  • continuously seek further education in environmental matters and disseminate such information to the staff,
  • invite and encourage guests, suppliers and customers to participate in our efforts to protect the environment,
  • strengthen the cooperation with the local government, other firms and residents of the area,
  • fulfil the provisions of laws and regulations to which the company subscribes,
  • constantly emphasise improvements in operations and services, aiming to reduce harmful impact on the environment and.

Árnanes, 06.02.2012

Ásmundur Gíslason

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